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Paint brush against yellow wall

West Los Angeles Colorful Home Remodel

Our home environment says a lot about our lives, and the character of a room depends on how its basic elements are shaped – walls, windows, architectural features, floors and ceilings. Whether the walls are quietly pristine or busy with pattern or color says a great deal about its occupants. A pristine color scheme implies a love of serenity and order, while […]

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Image of pillow patterns

Fast, Fun, and Affordable Room Make-Overs

Want a fresh new look in your family room? It can be done in a day with new decorative sofa pillows and a quick change in accessories! Often, we can swap out family treasures from one room to the next. Sometimes, by mixing a few new pieces with things we already own is all that it takes to create a new style. […]

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Light Up Your Life

Choosing the appropriate lighting for a room involves striking a balance between function and design. There are three main types of lighting: general, task, and accent. General Lighting General is for everyday, overall use. With the use of dimmers, recessed ceiling lights can go from bright light to mood light. Task Lighting Task light illuminates areas for specific needs, such as […]

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