Client Testimonials

Linda created an incredibly beautiful space for our family to live in. Linda is very easy to work with, and she encourages her clients to join in the fun of creating a beautiful home. She has a discerning eye and impeccable style. Linda is very professional and an excellent communicator, which is so important when there are multiple timelines in play for a project.

Linda has developed a team of outstanding tradespeople who she is able to call upon for every situation. She has clearly established a long standing mutual respect among her colleagues. I am so happy with the result of her vision and the final result!

Simone Simard
Culver City, Ca.


Linda was very nice to work with. She had great ideas for our remodel and great references for a contractor and others. Linda has a passion for her work and it shows in everything she does.

Mindy Amster
West Los Angeles, Ca.


I was so lucky to find Linda Rosen (Interiors) to assist with my decorating and updating my home. I felt overwhelmed with the project and Linda made the process easier and enjoyable! With her friendly, yet professional personality you can’t help but like Linda and respect her. At the same time her experience and knowledge in the decorating business world cuts down on time and effort wasted. Linda has accumulated many contacts in all areas of decorating which assures your remodeling idea/s will come to fruition. I absolutely recommend Linda Rosen (Interiors) as your decorator. She is worthy of 2 thumbs up and 5 Stars!

S. Goldstein
Beverly Hills


I have worked with Linda since Fall 2013 and she helped us enlist the services of an excellent architect. The architect redesigned our home, including adding an elevator. Linda worked with us and our architect in remodeling the house to match our wish list. Thanks to her attention to detail, we were able to get everything we wanted in the house and more.

Throughout the construction process, Linda visited the site regularly and made suggestions as we went along. Meanwhile, she worked with us on all the finishing and decorating details. Once the construction was finished, she worked closely with us and her sub-contractors and vendors to ensure that everything was designed and installed to perfection. We are still working together on final finishes and accessories. I love my house!

Linda is excellent! Her work ethic is fantastic. Her attention to the smallest detail ends up giving you a product you didn’t even imagine. She is fun to work with and she has been like a part of the family these past three years.

The Hales
Gardena, CA


My kitchen and bathroom remodel went very well, as I knew it would because of work I had done with Linda Rosen six years ago. The thing I like most about Linda is her ability to really help fine tune the selection of colors and fabrics. She makes it all come together, and her taste is amazing. The process was not long and drawn out like it would be if I had selected these things myself. Linda helped me avoid the angst by holding my hand throughout my kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. 

Linda has awesome color selection abilities, and I trust her implicitly. My wall paint, the cabinets, the Caesarstone countertops, and the back splashes all look amazing! I can hardly wait to get the window treatment installed because Linda has the ability to see the end result, which, unfortunately, I don’t. That is exactly why I hired her. Linda helped me stay on budget and she really worked her magic again. I am so happy!

Jill H.
Valley Village, CA


After 25 years of living with “wasted space” in my living room, I finally found someone to help me transform it into a useable, comfortable space. Linda was easy for me to work with and had lots of new ideas for me to ponder. We came up with a plan, and my husband and I are definitely happy with the final results.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Linda. She has great people she works with and is professional, creative and FUN!!!

Anne Kepple
Culver City, CA


“You can’t go home again…” Well, you can if you have Linda Rosen to help you! I inherited the apartment building I grew up in and chose to return. Linda has taken a very lived in place from the 50’s and brought it into this millennia. She has lovely taste (that she does NOT force upon you!) to guide you and is impossibly generous with her time. Her “guys”, of which she has many, have all been neat, clean and professional. She is your home’s friend and quickly becomes one of yours. Linda is a gem, a perfectionist and a DYNAMO. I would most definitely call upon her again; and most certainly – and highly – recommend her.

G. Griffin
Brentwood, CA


My two sons were relocating from Houston to Los Angeles to attend college. I found a condo for them to move into but needed a skilled, professional, loving and respectful designer to help with the decorating. Well, that person was Linda Rosen. I must say that after meeting her for only an hour, it was like we had been friends for a life time. She exceeded every expectation that I had and she truly took care of my family. I highly recommend her services to anyone out there looking for a GREAT designer and someone you can TRUST!

R. Anthony
Houston/Los Angeles

Linda knows how to create beautiful homes! While doing this, she has been very good at evaluating my personal tastes and creating an environment that has style, beauty, and is my own.

My home had just undergone a major remodel when Linda stepped in and tackled every conceivable design challenge, from continuity of style, color selection, furniture needs and placement, to detailed accessorizing. It has been invaluable to have her creative direction every step of the way, making all my rooms look beautiful and complete!

Linda is an outstanding designer and a great partner to work with. I would recommend her for any design challenge anyone may have.

Thank you, Linda, for your warm personality, your upbeat approach, and for making my home a very special place.

B. Schnell
Thousand Oaks, CA


Linda Rosen is simply the best! She has taken my dated 1970’s condo and updated it into a contemporary and sophisticated, yet comfortable home. Linda’s design talents are impeccable, and she has guided me through the process with expertise and humor.
 We gutted two bathrooms (the master bath is now my personal spa sanctuary) and decorated the entire interior, including two bedrooms, an office/guest room, a living room, and a dining area. Linda has contacts throughout the industry, from (it seems) every outlet at the Pacific Design Center to “a furniture guy, a fireplace guy, a tile guy, a cabinet guy, a screen door guy, a lighting guy, a painting guy, ” etc.
 Linda respected my budget limitations, working with me to economize in certain areas in order to afford a “splurge” in others. We already have some “splurges” picked out for my next home!
 With Linda’s design talents, responsiveness, professionalism, and warm personality, it is no wonder that she has clients for life.

S. Stark
Pacific Palisades, California

After I retired, our home needed a fresh, new and clean look that included some upholstery. Ferrufino Upholstery, who had done some work for us previously, recommended I contact Linda Rosen to help me with this.
Linda did a super job, and after everything was completed, I couldn’t believe how great our home looks. Linda is very knowledgeable, has great ideas, and is extremely easy to work with. She is very efficient, and the people she contracts with to have work done are very good as well.
If decorating help is needed, I would definitely recommend hiring Linda.

L. Meline
Malibu, California

I recently sold my house and moved with my two daughters to a new location in West Los Angeles. My new home needed a great deal of work and I had absolutely no idea how to proceed, so I called Linda Rosen Interiors. As soon as Linda walked in she knew exactly what needed to be done.
Linda created a beautiful color scheme and her painter got right to work. Window treatments were ordered, furniture placed in an arrangement I never would have thought of that looks great, and art hung on the walls.
My daughters and I love our new home and are thrilled with Linda’s magical touches.

C. Copeland
West Los Angeles, California

We recently moved from a condo to a house and needed help selecting new furniture to fill the rooms. My husband and I both work full-time and wanted to find a designer who would be able to offer up ideas, do the leg work to find the pieces of furniture that we like and stay within our budget. Linda was the perfect fit for us! She works very hard, is extremely responsive (both via e-mail and phone calls) and she really considered our goals (such as durable, stain-resistant furniture to withstand our two children) while also expressing her expert opinion. She was always respectful of our taste and she introduced some great ideas and color schemes to turn our house into a comfortable and stylish home.
Not only is Linda good at her profession, she is also a really kind, thoughtful and understanding person. I have enjoyed working with Linda and expect to use her again in the future when we decide to tackle additional projects at our home.

Andrea and Rick Rifenbark
West Los Angeles, California

Linda has it all! We worked with Linda ten years ago when we first moved into our house, and we were lucky enough to work with her again on our recent renovations. Her incredible sense of style is a given. What is extraordinary is her ability to keep her eye on all the details while running the show. She transformed our drab, ordinary bathroom into a room worthy of a design magazine layout. She also upgraded our den into a media room with gorgeous built-ins and beautiful, comfy furniture. We never want to leave the room!
Thank you, Linda, for your professionalism and integrity which took the pressure off us during the potentially very stressful period of construction.

Linda and Arnie K.
Santa Monica, California


It started with pillows: teal, red-orange, golden sand in a floral design, just the colors I wanted. Linda toted the pillows to Crate & Barrel so I could select furniture and fabrics. The pillows played a role in my choice of tiles to put a new face on my fireplace. When the furniture was delivered, Linda organized my collection of watercolor and oil paintings into a fantastic gallery. She coordinated the entire project that transformed my living room from boring to spacious and colorful.
Thank you, Linda. You are a gem.

S. Roberts
Playa Del Rey, California


Linda helped us create a beautiful and comfortable oasis that makes me happy every day when I come home. She works with her clients’ tastes and budgets; she doesn’t impose her will but helps you do the best with what you have and want to create.


As examples, Linda helped us create a  family picture/portrait wall that is beautiful and a great conversation starter. She also went practically to the ends of the earth to find us a gorgeous, perfect living room rug that was within our budget. Linda judiciously urges you to “splurge” where it will make the biggest difference, and then works with you to save where it makes sense to do so. She has a great eye and ear, i.e. she listens.  Linda has my unqualified endorsement and recommendation.

B. Moore
Redondo Beach, California


Using Linda Rosen is a pleasure. She is very easy to work with and is extremely responsive to emails and telephone calls.
Linda helped us select new carpeting and choose replacement fabrics for worn upholstered furniture. She made arrangements for table and chair refinishing. Linda uses quality craftspeople who are reliable and have excellent skills. Linda listens to what her clients want. She is efficient and cares very much that you are happy with her work and the work of the people to whom she subcontracts.
We recommend her highly and will happily use her services again.

Iris and Gordon Cutler
West Los Angeles, California


When I moved into my new house three months ago I had no idea about how or where to begin, so I decided to call Linda Rosen. Linda was able to pull everything together for me, from the furniture to the accessories. She made a beautiful art gallery with my favorite paintings which transformed my new house into a colorful, cheerful, charming new home! The process turned out to be a lot of fun and Linda took the stress out of what could have been a difficult time for me. It’s a joy each time I walk in the door.

Judy Harris
West Los Angeles, California


I want to tell you about the extraordinary service Linda Rosen provided to my family when we were on a very tight time schedule.
We first spoke to Linda shortly before Thanksgiving 2011 and described our desire to accomplish a significant cosmetic renovation of the community living space in our home before the end of the year.
Hammers flew the Monday after Thanksgiving and the job was completed in time for our New Year’s Day party on January 1, 2012.
The scope of the job included remodeling two bathrooms, installing recessed lighting in the living room and family room, new hardwood floors, painting all walls and trims, new hardware throughout the house, new furniture, window treatments and area rugs, as well as new accessories.
Linda coordinated everything with her excellent general contractor and sub-contractors, following through each step of the way to insure that the project was completed on time and to everyone’s satisfaction.
Linda communicates well. The scope of this project would not have been possible in the amount of time allotted without the oversight and management of Linda Rosen and the good work of her dependable and capable contacts.
We are extremely satisfied.

Ian and Audrey McIlraith
Culver City, California 


Linda Rosen is not only a decorator, but an artist as well. Her work with color and design combined to create a psychotherapy office which I absolutely adore. I had a very short time line, and Linda put everything in place for me in a professional and very inclusive manner. We had a great time working together. She very quickly understood the feeling I was trying to create, and that I really enjoyed being part of the creative process. The craftsmen who Linda suggested were excellent, and I was very happy with their work. I have also used Linda’s decorating skills in my home, and have been equally happy. She is so enthusiastic about her work, and has a multitude of creative ideas.

She also has an excellent eye for placement and can change the whole feel of a room by shifting existing furniture, artwork, design pieces, and photographs. I was very impressed by how skillfully she chose new picture framing to give my artwork a much more updated feel. I would not hesitate to recommend Linda as a decorator. You will enjoy the process and the results! 

Sandy Silas
Beverly Hills, California

Twenty years ago I hired Linda Rosen for her professional services when I needed help decorating my new condo in Brentwood. I had lots of Mexican, African, South American, and Northwest Indian works of art from my voyages around the world which dictated the design and color scheme of my home. Linda did an excellent job finding the appropriate fabrics and furniture, as well as creating beautiful art galleries.

This year I decided to renovate and update my condo. I called Linda to oversee the project. The kitchen and two bathrooms were gutted and remodeled. Carpet was replaced with bamboo hardwood floors. Linda designed custom cabinets for the living room, dressing room, and guest bathroom. She hired an excellent general contractor, and her tradespeople for the hardwood floors, carpet, cabinets, and painting were all to my liking. The crews were neat and clean, and they met their time schedule for completion. Linda was always conscious of my budget throughout this endeavor.

With this renovation, Linda had a much larger challenge because I have traveled to many more exotic countries over the past twenty years. I wanted to incorporate all of my art into this project because each piece brings back memories of wonderful experiences. Linda went to work and made my home look like an art museum. Her choices for fabrics, colors, and textures blend perfectly with existing pieces of furniture. The new lighting fixtures, area rugs, and accessories all add to the charm of my home.

I am happy to recommend Linda. She is delightful and perky and tends to every detail. I experienced no stress from this project, only feeling a little lost living in the home during the entire renovation! But the results are worth it all.

Sandra Kreger
Brentwood, California

The perfect kitchen? It’s all about teamwork! Not only did Linda bring us her expertise, she also assembled a team of professionals who worked together seamlessly to create our stunning new kitchen. During our remodel, schedules were met, the quality of work was excellent, and everyone was courteous. The team REALLY listened to our needs and worked with us, making our decisions easier. From the lighting to the cabinetry, from the tiling to the floor – it all came together in a timely manner and functions beautifully.

Now the kitchen is truly the heart of our home. Entertaining has never been so easy, and our love of cooking has been restored!

The Tiernans
Westchester, California

I first started working with Linda Rosen 27 years ago when my husband and I lived with our young family in Cheviot Hills. Over the years we made many changes to our home, and I knew I could always count on Linda to help implement our vision. We were always delighted with the results.

Recently, I relocated to New Jersey. Before I moved, Linda had my furniture reupholstered and refinished. She also framed almost thirty family photos. After the move, Linda agreed to fly back East to help me arrange the furniture, hang the art, and create a family photo gallery. We made numerous trips to a local design studio where she convinced me that they had the perfect accessories to pull it all together. And she was right!

I love my beautiful home at the Jersey Shore and I have Linda to thank for making a dream come true!

Syd Whalley
Spring Lake, New Jersey

When we say that Linda Rosen went to great lengths to please us, we mean that literally and figuratively. A few years ago, she travelled from the West Coast to the East Coast to help us refresh our living room. She not only took photos and drew out the floor plan, but she also drew a mental picture from being on-site and got a first-hand feel for what was needed. While the room had good bones and old-world charm (our home was a turn-of-the-century livery stable in another life), it was tired and showing its age. This was evident from the faded pine wainscoting and fireplace awkwardly positioned in the corner of the room to the tattered twin sofas, wingback chair, and candlestick-leg seat that had seen better days.

Linda returned to Los Angeles, drafted a floor plan and sent it to us, along with the beginning of what turned out to be an endless parade of sample materials to recover family heirlooms. While Linda always got back to us promptly with more options, we took our time making choices. Her taste and style, patience and persistence, and eagerness to please finally paid off in some stunning final choices that we could never have made working on our own, or with anyone else for that matter.

We know a lot of interior designers with a good eye, but none with such a good ear as Linda. She always listened to what we had to say instead of posing her ego and preferences on us. Most of all, I think her passion for what she does shows in her work.

On another trip to our home, Linda laid out a new floor plan for our kitchen which was later implemented with the help of local trades- people and a designer.

Even from 3,000 miles away, Linda has a way of working closely with us. Many thanks to a dear friend. 

Ann and Craig Williams
Boston, Massachusetts 

When I purchased a condominium that needed major renovations, I had no idea where or how to begin remodeling a very dated kitchen. A friend of mine highly recommended Linda Rosen. I put my faith in Linda and her team, and the results are spectacular! I now have a beautiful new kitchen that is a joy to cook in. And I love working in my newly designed home office/guest room. The custom built-ins are handsome and functional, and a beautiful sleeper sofa Linda had custom-made for me does double duty for guests and me. Linda added so many touches to each room of my home, and it is now warm, inviting, and filled with charm. I highly recommend Linda for her creativity, professionalism, and integrity. 

Susan Lava
Beverly Hills, California

Linda Rosen has helped me with almost every room in my house, and I couldn’t be happier. She has worked with us on everything from a major kitchen remodel to adding small finishing touches in bedrooms. There are so many critical decisions that Linda helped us make, all of which I am thrilled with. Every time I look at my remodeled kitchen, I think of Linda who encouraged me to choose a bolder tile selection, paint the walls the perfect shade, add amazing window coverings, and purchase decorative items that I love. Linda’s work just makes me SMILE! 

Lisa Manheim
Cheviot Hills, California

Linda Rosen entered my home and, like a genie in a bottle, transformed my vision into a reality. Her resources are endless, and she was able to turn a square room into a beautiful and elegant living room. I was so impressed by Linda’s talents. Working with her was a memorable experience, and she made it so much fun with her bubbly personality and energy that I didn’t want it to end! The best part is that she has become one of my dear friends. 

Shirley Spady
Glendale, California

Redoing an entire house seemed like a daunting task. Linda made it easy. She listened carefully and gave me lots of choices. I am thrilled with the result. My home is lush, comfortable, and reflects who I am. Linda was a dream to work with and her sub-contractors were professionals who did fantastic work and fastidious clean-up. I couldn’t be happier. 

Carolyn Mosoff
Culver City, California

“Never again,” I said years ago when my husband and I remodeled our kitchen without a designer. Though the outcome seemed fine at the time, the process was nerve-racking and upsetting. Now, eighteen years later and still in the same house, we realized that due to wear and tear and style changes, we needed to remodel again. This experience, though, was completely different. Having Linda’s guidance and creativity throughout the 3 l/2 months of work was so helpful; she had a keen ability to really understand what we wanted and then design with us in mind. The quality of the workmanship of her subcontractors, as well as their reliability, was outstanding, and if there were glitches (and there always are), Linda was dedicated to preventing us from fretting and quick to solve the problem. Her self-confidence and skill in decorating really took so much of the stress out of the equation, and we are left with a wonderful kitchen suited to our needs and taste.

Vicki Silverman
West Los Angeles, California

Linda did an incredible job and has made me proud to invite people over again. I work full-time and Linda made everything so easy. She managed the project from start to finish, so I never had to worry that people wouldn’t show up or arrive late.

Gail Kiek
Sherman Oaks, California

I very much enjoyed working with Linda. She has fantastic ideas about putting things together that I never would have thought of, and she has a great sense of color. Linda helped us with a remodel that we did 7 years ago. We gutted our upstairs and completely redesigned my husband’s office. We still love it today and wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Marilyn Feiman
Sherman Oaks, California

Not only does Linda have impeccable taste, but she can read her client’s needs like a book! She is fair in her pricing and honest in her billing. She has an eye for putting everything together – from paint color to knicknacks. The finished product is always unique, creative, and extremely livable! 

Carla Meyer
Cheviot Hills, California

It was fun and a pleasure working with Linda Rosen. Linda works very fast and does not waste precious time. She is a wonderful organizer and those skills can’t be beat. She can do my closets and handbags like no one else! Linda’s vision of how a room should look was clear and precise, and the end results are spectacular. I love, love, love it! 

Maureen Clavin
West Los Angeles, California

Linda has a great sense of color and space. She is wonderful at making your home comfortable, yet beautifully appointed. I highly recommend her services.

Anna Solomon
Santa Monica, California

Linda has been our designer on two occasions. The first time she was involved in a major renovation of our home. Since my husband and I were both working at the time, Linda was there to supervise the workers. She did all the “leg work” and kept within our budget. Linda’s designs were excellent, and the people she had doing the work were all top notch.
Some years later Linda designed a new bathroom and guest room for us. We constantly get comments on how beautiful those rooms are.

Don and Carol Franklin
Beverlywood, California

Linda decorated my vacation condo in Malibu, California. She did a wonderful job transforming an ordinary condo into a beautiful and comfortable beach house. Linda furnished, painted, and accessorized it while I communicated with her long-distance via e-mail and telephone from my home in Washington State. She did a great job understanding and interpreting what I wanted and liked. My husband and I are so pleased with the results. We have now purchased a house in Malibu and Linda will be helping us with our new home.

Heide Buchwald
Malibu, California

Linda, for a long time we have wanted to write and thank you for the work that you send to our workroom. We truly value the relationship which was founded decades ago when you and my father, Jose Ferrufino, worked together on your projects. Most importantly, we want to thank you for the service that you offer our clients.

Linda Rosen, you are more than an Interior Designer – you are a decor genius! Your sense of style is compelling. A house (or an office) is nothing more than a space which, without a carefully designed message, could possibly fail to engage its inhabitant(s) and motivate them. Linda, you have proven, many times over, that you are an expert in your field. You possess the ability, expertise, and talent to truly transform a client’s house and make it a home.

Linda, you seem to know how to connect with clients. You take time to understand them and help them develop just the right “look.” Many of our upholstery and window covering clients who have retained you are now thoroughly enjoying the benefits of your experience. You have provided definition and purpose to their living spaces. Linda, you have assisted in enhancing the aesthetics of their homes. Thank you, Linda!

Julia and Earl Trusty, Ferrufino Interiors
Culver City, California